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Posted in - Announcements on January 28th 2013 2 Comments

Drink Me: Original & Classic Cocktails in Baltimore, Maryland
Fans of the Baltimore-based Wonderland Kitchen food blog know that in addition to amazing recipes and fantastic food photography, over the past year or so there has been a steady stream of posts devoted to cocktails. And while readers have encountered the occasional classic cocktail post, the majority of them have been devoted to original recipes. To be honest, when I was challenged to shift my focus from posting classic cocktails to creating original recipes I was a bit apprehensive. The scope of such an endeavor just seemed so daunting to me at the time. However, I eventually came around to the idea and ran with it. Since then I’ve developed a respectable menu of original cocktails, which led us to launch this site and service, Wonderland Cocktails.

I’ve always been a bit surprised that a city like Baltimore has a fairly lackluster cocktail scene. The city’s style just seems so well suited for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the occasional fantastic original recipe cocktail in town but by and large I feel like Baltimore could stand to step up its cocktail game. So rather than simply cry in my beer and lament this travesty, I’ve decided to be proactive and offer a set of services that ranges from creating original signature cocktails for special events to consultations for restaurants and bars on single cocktails to entire classic, original, and/or season cocktail programs.

I am both a perfectionist and a Libra. That means I like to get things right and that I strive for balance. It’s also how I like my cocktails and what I aim to achieve with each new drink I create. So with all that said, welcome to place down the rabbit hole known as Wonderland Cocktails. And cheers!

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